Vinicius Marques

Hi, my name is Vinicius Marques and I am years-old and I live in Pelotas - RS - Brazil.

I hold a Bachelor of Computer Science granted by the Catholic University Pelotas (UCPel-2011) and a Postgraduate in Project Management by the Senac Technology Faculy, in Pelotas.

I have been working as a Front End Developer since 2004, when I started working at the AG2 agency, where I worked up to March of 2013. In April of 2013, I was invited to work at Nodo, where I have currently been working as Head of the Front End team, as well as a Training and Development Manager.

I work with a variety of large worlwide renowned companies. I have worked on short, medium, and long term projects, ranging from an average two weeks to two years time projects, as a Senior Front End Developer, Team Leader, and Technical Responsible.